Glucose Readings January 2019

*That* Appointment

I had a somewhat dubious start to Christmas, having been told to make yet another appointment to see the doctor with another set of Hba1c results. Christmas Eve, 8:30am .. ho bloody ho. Sadly there was no laughter involved as my Hba1c was now 113, worse than my previous two results and worse than my diagnosis 5 years ago. I had stopped taking my glucose readings as I knew they were bad (I was constantly deydrated) but at a guess I would say high teens, low 20s. Which is bad. 

There are two medications what I’m supposed to take on top of the Metformin; Gliclazide and Lisinopril. I’ve avoided taking the Gliclazide because I don’t like taking so many pills and I stopped taking the Lisinopril a couple of months ago as I suspected it was the cause of major hair loss. The latter is why I’ve been going to the doctors, as it’s been really getting me down and I wanted to come off the drug. My doctor thinks it’s caused by stress, but I disagree. I’ll talk about that in another post though, as this is primarily about my BG and the direction it’s going in. 

As you can see, my BG has dropped substantially in the last three weeks.  There are two possible factors.

  1. I’ve started taking the Gliclazide
  2. I’ve given up drinking full sugar Coca-Cola and switched to Coke Zero

Combination of the both is most likely, but I suspect switching to Coke Zero has had the most impact. Blood sugar levels for those with diabetes is between 4 and 7mmol/L. I’m not there as a constant yet but it is dropping well, and hopefully I’ll be able to maintain that soon. Diet is also a factor but I’m going one step at a time, and not watching my weight right now. Stupidly, I  have forgotten to order my meds so it’ll be interesting to see how I fare for the next five days. 

This is all great, but mostly I just want my hair back :( 

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