More Data

More Data

Oh I do love fiddling with data.  I’m not an academic, but I find a certain level of satisfaction in problem solving. After my previous post I was feeling peeved that to get what I really wanted (total control over the data) I would have to buy a premium plugin.

No longer!

The charts below are generated using a lightweight (and free!) plugin, Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer.  Everything is controlled in one shortcode, edited manually using  a slew of attributes available from the Google API. And the best part? All the data is being pulled on the fly from the spreadsheets on Google Docs, so if I want to edit them I just go into the spreadsheet in question and change the values. Job done.

The food pie chart is a little misleading as it reads as if I’ve been stuffing carbs all day. The actual carb content overall came to 182g which is clearly not a days worth of food. I’m not sure how to best represent this, as there isn’t a ‘total grams consumed’ option in MyFitness Pal, and their exports require a premium subscription. No thanks. Also there are no calories in there, as they aren’t the same unit of measurement, so have to be mutually exclusive.

In truth, I would rather have used Chart.js as it’s charts are absolutely gorgeous. But this gives me the tools I want, with the added bonus of on-the-fly editing and data fed from a dynamic, external source. And no forking out for a one-off or recurring fee.


Here we go again…

Here we go again...

My blood sugar levels are bloody awful at the moment. I won’t lie, some of it is probably my fault. But I was a bit gobsmacked that my Hba1C has doubled in the last three months.  Currently it’s as bad as it was when I was first diagnosed. If I can’t get it down in the next couple of weeks I’ll have to add a glicazide tablet to the Metformin SR and Lisinopril I’m already on.  I have been very run down, but there’s more I can do. I lost 7lbs in the last fortnight, so that’s a start. I’m currently trying a new tracker app called MySugr, as the old Ontrack Diabetes app seems to be in a weird place right now.  There was an update that apparently wrecked it, and then another update.. but my version doesn’t seem to have changed at all.

Hungry Whippet cartoon

The free version of MySugr doesn’t support PDF export, and there is no HTML export at all. What there is though, is CSV export, which I can then feed into a Chart plugin. Which I’ve been playing with today.

Public humiliation is my latest tactic. If I upload these charts, people can see how badly I’m doing. Hopefully it’ll stir me into doing better.

Below is the chart I’ve created using the CSV export from MySugr with the plugin Visualizer Lite. I don’t really need all the pro elements, as none of the things I’m tracking can be measured together. My plan is to do a BS chart, a steps chart and possibly a carbs or calories chart. The world doesn’t need to see my weight progress.

Stitch is happy

So.. for context. The guidelines for diabetic blood sugar is between 4 and 7 mmol/L.  You can hover over my results to see just how much shit I’m in right now.

MySugr records a lot more than the below, but I have to edit the data manually in the CSV file. The pro version allows pdf export, but where’s the fun in that?

The Chart (ulp)

This is now a screenshot of the chart, as I found a plugin I liked a lot better.  You can read about it here.

Visualizer Chart


Makin’ Biscuits

So… I’ve been pondering making my own dog biscuits for a while. I dehydrate liver and chicken treats for Miah already, and she loves them. But when we walk I prefer to use biscuits. Let’s face it…  dehydrated chopped liver is not something you want hanging around in your pockets.

I found a nice simple recipe online, but switched out the wheat flour for oats. I’m not sure if you can buy oat flour, but as I had a load of porridge oats in the cupboard from the last batch of liver cake, I decided to mill those into a rough flour for the biscuits. And it seems to have worked.

Miah seems to approve.



Semi-live tweeting my efforts…



Run, Miah, Run

Run, Miah, Run

Image © Lorraine Fitzgerald

I love seeing photos of Miah running. A whippet in full extension is a wonderful thing to behold. I can’t honestly say that I enjoy watching her racing, as I always stand at the end of the track feeling sick; worried that she might get injured. But once the day is over and we get a chance to see any photos of the racing, there’s no denying the delight at seeing a whippet doing what it loves the most.

The last two weeks have seen Miah running in two open events – The Easter Charity Open and the NPWRA (National Pedigree Whippet Racing Association) championships; both held at her current home club at Andover. She’s really come on this year, running against some top class dogs and having to fight every inch of the way up the track. She won her heat and semi and made it to the final at the open, and came 2nd in her heat and semi to make it to the final at the champs.

I’ve been meaning to post about my feelings about whippet racing in general, but this is not the place to do that. I just wanted to put down how absurdly proud of her I am. But then I always have been. This Sunday it’s the Whippet Club Racing Association Championships, and it’ll be interesting to see how she does there. So far she has made the final almost every time, but not been placed higher than third so far.

whippet race

Image copyright Lorraine Fitzgerald

You can read more about whippet racing on the WCRA section of the Whippet Club website. I will be posting my thoughts on it sometime in the future.

Whippet sleeping

aaaaanndddd….. relax

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