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After a recent and not so recent telling off, I’ve decided to make more of an effort to record my readings, food and so on. In order to do that I bought a Pro subscription to MySugr (Horrible name, but nice app).  I also decided to try a new chart plugin, and settled on the premium version of M Chart. 

Unlike the previous plugin, this doesnt; work from a live Google doc. I don’t mind that, as I can import results via CSV, and this plugin uses Chart.js. Albeit in a bit of a limited way. I’m still finding my feet with it, but using the data from my previous post. These two charts are what I’ve managed to come up with.

Same caveat as before, the pie chart breakdown is a little misleading as it looks like I have a massive amount of carbs vs anything else. I try not to exceed 150g of carbs a day, which is probably still too many.. but baby steps. My recent BG readings have dropped from 24 to 14-16 in less than a week. Which while still horrendous, is pretty good progress. 

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