Hba1c and all that Remains

Climbing Back

After the debacle that was 2018 and my previous Hba1c results, I’m rather pleased to say that things have really taken a turn for the better with regards to my BS levels.  This last three weeks in particular have seen them drop to below 5, and when I was feelign a bit flakey the other day it actually registered at 3.1, which sent me orange as being a little too low!

I’m going to split the charts into months from now on as they get hard to read when there’s more than a few weeks. I might add a 90 day chart to show my progress from January, as that really shows up how far it has dropped.

I had blood tests this week for another Hba1c and got a phone call from the doc less than two days later to tell me “You’re doing really well, keep up the good work”. That’s great, nice to know… but I would prefer to be given the actual results. For some reason, they don’t seem to want to tell us the actual numbers, I’ve found this ever since I was diagnosed. I find it easier to keep things under control if I have all the info to hand. I also find  it helps me to keep testing, so I know when I’m doing it right, and when things are not going so well. Since I’ve been on Gliclazide as well as Metformin I’ve been allowed test strips on prescription, which is much less painful than buying them.

I dare say some will say I’m a burden on the NHS, but you know what? I didn’t breed, so I’ve cost the tax payer precisely nothing in education and childcare costs. Before this and my catastrophic hormone crash happened I hadn’t been to the docs in about eight years. So .. pfffffhhutt. Of course I would prefer not to be diabetic, and I’m working on it. But it doesn’t just magically go away, I will always have to watch what I eat and drink for the rest of my life. 

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