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So this happened!

Last year, our little Miah won a final at the Whippet Club Racing Association Championships. In order to gain the title “Whippet Club Racing Champion” (WCRCh) the whippet has to win two finals. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really expecting her to get there as she was 5 years old in March and had to run against younger dogs. But she did, and with a ‘convincing win‘.  She won her heat, semi-final and then the final.. it was a hell of a day. We didn’t have the most auspicious start to the day, but I’m not going to go into that here, and it won’t colour her achievement. She was on fire all day and we are SO proud of her.

WCRCh Tinkers Moondancer

I made a decision some time ago that I didn’t want to campaign Miah up and down the country. We went to a local club, and a couple of others within 2hrs driving distance and that was it. I didn’t want racing to rule her life, first and foremost she is family. Part of that decision was that if she did gain her title I would take her off the track until she’s the right age for veteran and let her have a go at getting her Veteran Crown. Then we stop. No more racing for her or any other whippet we share our lives with.

And as proud as we are, we intend to stick to that. She gets to play and socialise with all sorts of dogs, chase her ball down the park and walk a few miles every day.  It’s all good.

Miah at home

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