For Dad.

We lost dad a year ago, today. The truth is though, we lost him before then. Alzheimer’s has been in the news lately due to Terry Pratchett, but there are other types of dementia such as DLB and Vascular Dementia. Dad had the latter. Physically he was gone less than a year after he was diagnosed, but the man he was faded so fast it’s still hard to comprehend what happened.

I have so many regrets, I wish we had asked more questions, pushed harder with the doctor who told him he had “depression”, I wish we hadn’t let him go into hospital. I wish he had been able to understand me when I told him I was going to be having the grand-daughter of his & mum’s cherished racing whippet, WCRCh Tinkers Moonshadow.

I wish it was easier to remember him the way he used to be before all this happened… but most of all, I wish he was still here.

We miss you dad xxx

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