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I’ve been in a right funk today. Feeling tired and sorry for myself. However, I did download a diet tracker, although it counts calories not carbs. Carb counters seem to be a bit thin on the ground app-wise, or they’re too US Centric.

The app has decided I need to hit 1600 calories a day, which sounds about right, as I’m a chubby and 2,000 a day won’t get the weight off adequately. I managed it OK, by the skin of ma teeth. I’m on Day 4 of being off the full-fat coke, which probably accounts for some of the tiredness.

I’m using an Accu-Chek Mobile to monitor my glucose levels, but sparingly as the damn lancets and strip cassettes really add up financially. I’m hoping when I see my diabetes doc for the first time tomorrow that they’ll give me a ‘scrip for them. Apparently, some NHS trusts are refusing presciption test strips for type 2 sufferers. I guess because we’re ‘self-inflicted’.

Fucking nice eh? I got to the age of 46 with no major illnesses and go almost a decade between visits to the doctor, I didn’t breed either.. so the amount of cash I’ve saved this stupid government adds up pretty well. Anyway, whatever. If they don’t I’ll just not monitor more than I can afford.

Low points of the day – Feeling miserable, lethargic and a bit sick this morning.

High points – Getting on the treadmill and realising how much vaping has improved my overall health. I can last a lot longer on there and I do not breath heavy at the same point I used to by a country mile.

Also, my after meal glucose test showed a drop of four points.

Go me!

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