Racking up the chronics

Girl with steam coming out of her ears

I was diagnosed with diabetes four days ago. I’ll be honest, I’m a chubby, so I don’t expect any sympathy.. but two years ago I was ‘metabolically healthy’. I had good to low blood pressure, average cholesteral and average blood sugar. So what went wrong?

Well weight is obviously a factor, but I wonder how much stress is. I’ve been under an insane amount of stress with close family illness over the last couple of years, with my mum almost completely dependent on me, and many other problems with dad that I don’t want to talk about here. All while working my nuts off for the business.

What are the other chronics then?

Last year I was told I had osteopenia (a potential precursor to osteoporosis) and arthritis. The weird thing is my doctor never actually told me which type of arthritis. My symptoms suggest osteo, but she told me my blood has markers for “inflammatory disease”, which suggests rheumatoid.

In a nutshell, I seem to be falling apart at the seams. I’m probably clincally depressed as well.

In a word.


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