No that’s not a spelling mistake, I’m referring to the Android app OnTrack Diabetes.

Around July this year I decided I wanted something a bit more than the Diabetes UK app was offering. Particularly given I’m not just on Diabetes meds, I’m also on medication to try and prevent my osteopenia from developing into osteoporosis. Considering that I also have osteo arthritis in my feet and tendon problems in my hands and shoulders I’m somewhat resigned to the fact that this is largely a horse/stable door/bolt scenario. So.. anyway, I downloaded the OnTrack app from Medivo. It’s actually pretty good.

I can enter glucose, blood pressure, medication, food and keep track of my weekly and monthly BG levels without having to scroll through my meter.It’s not a weight-loss app, I use MyFitnessPal for that. Sadly my weight has stalled a bit of late, but I’ve been doing pretty well and lost over 2.5 stone so far. I enter my carb and calorie intake into OnTrack from MyFitnessPal, which lets me generate some pretty reports to see how I’m doing (see below, apologies for the screeds of data. This chart tracks my BG from March and the rest from July).

I’ll be honest, I’m not that keen on the idea of posting these reports as they include my weight, and I’m not proud of it. Type 2 diabetes is considered by many to be ‘self-inflicted’ and I have no illusions that my lifestyle has been a factor. My doctor told me that it’s not necessarily the case as she has people fatter than me that don’t have it, and people skinnier that do. Family history is a big factor, and my grandfather developed diabetes.

I was advised a while ago not to let people know I have diabetes, as assumptions are made about you, employment chances tank, and then there’s the whole “it’s self-inflicted” mantra. But you know what? Fuck it. It’s something I have to live with, and why should I lie about it?

In summary, I thoroughly recommend this app. It’s helped me keep an eye on things. Another thing that’s helped me (because my doctor certainly hasn’t, I’m not even receiving the checks recommended by NICE) is the Diabetes Forum. I’ve learnt more from there than I have from anywhere else.

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