Not a follow-up

This isn’t a follow up to my previous post as I’m too emotionally drained to get it down in writing right now. One day I will sit down and shuffle all of this into something resembling a well thought out series of posts. I’m not at that point yet.

So here’s some photos of Miah, who is now nine months old and growing into quite the little lady! smile

Whippet reclining

Miah Photo 1

Miah Photo 2

Miah Photo 3

A not-so-new member of the family

I often feel uncomfortable people knowing that we have a whippet, due to their attractiveness to thieves. But you know what? she’s such a major part of our life now, that to miss her out on a personal blog feels like a betrayal of her as a part of the family.

So if you haven’t met her before. This is Miah!

Miah photo

Bags of attitude in a little body

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