What is Fifty Percent Less Ninja Beaver?

The blog of Sarah Mills, one half of Ninja Beaver: Designer, concept artist and illustrator.

This is my personal blog and I may swear and post rants. If this offends you, you should probably go to Cute Overload and stare at bunnies or something.

Onwards and Downwards

Onwards and Downwards

My fasting BG level is finally starting to level out at a number I’m reasonably happy with. It’s been a constant 5-5.5 for a few days now. Weirdly my post-meal BG dropped a lot faster, despite the fact that I’m not entirely saintly with my food. I have lost a stone in...

Ten Days

Ten Days

It’s been ten days since dad passed away. I’ve been on a social media blackout, as there hasn’t been much to say. The funeral is tomorrow, I think I’ll be able to clear my head and carry on a bit better afterwards. Hopefully.

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I’m always on the lookout for new challenges, whether it’s illustration, app graphics or game art. I can ninja my way through software with the best of them, from Adobe Creative Cloud apps to Sketchbook Pro, Painter and Manga Studio.

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