What is Fifty Percent Less Ninja Beaver?

The blog of Sarah Mills, one half of Ninja Beaver: Designer, concept artist and illustrator.

This is my personal blog and I may swear and post rants. If this offends you, you should probably go to Cute Overload and stare at bunnies or something.

Retinas, and I don’t mean an iPad…

Retinas, and I don’t mean an iPad…

Very nervous this morning. I have my annual diabetes retinal screening today. I loathe people pissing about round my eyes, and the thought of having dilation drops makes me feel a bit ill. I've had them before and it stings... Plus, there's that whole 'have I got...

Tumbling Over

Tumbling Over

I've decided to delete my tumblr blog and move it onto our own domain. I've never felt truly comfortable with leaving content on a service that could evaporate at any time. So this blog will be my personal space for anything that doesn't quite fit on the main website,...

Want to hire me for your project?

I’m always on the lookout for new challenges, whether it’s illustration, app graphics or game art. I can ninja my way through software with the best of them, from Adobe Creative Cloud apps to Sketchbook Pro, Painter and Manga Studio.

Get in touch via the contact form on our main website and let’s talk about what we can accomplish together!

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