A Difficult Meeting…

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Bear with me, this is going to be a long one. It’s also quite personal, if that makes you uncomfortable you should probably move on. Tomorrow I’ll be in a meeting with Adult Services Safeguarding, to discuss the results of an investigation prompted by a complaint my mum and myself made to Adult Services about …

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Merging two blogs

Cosmic 3

A few posts are being added from my anonymous tumblr blog. It was anonymous as I was (trying) to blog about dad’s dementia. I didn’t want to do it in my own name at the time for various reasons, however as it’s not really a secret I’d rather keep everything in one place. Also, at …

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Ten Days

Leaves and Water

It’s been ten days since dad passed away. I’ve been on a social media blackout, as there hasn’t been much to say. The funeral is tomorrow, I think I’ll be able to clear my head and carry on a bit better afterwards.Hopefully.



It seems almost impossible that dad could have stayed with us these last three days he’s been on a syringe driver. He has not had any fluid or food, but is looked after really well by the nursing home staff. They check in on us every 30 minutes, give him his mouth care and still …

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Watching and Waiting

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Well, it does really look like I may have to get my thoughts down in very much reverse chronological order.I am sat next to dad as I type this. He is no longer really in this world, but I don’t want him to die alone or with strangers. So here I sit. Arguably, we are …

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Syrup, Custard or Pudding?

two clear glass jars beside several flasks

This tumblr is most likely going to work in reverse.. starting with recent events and trying to make some sense out the shit that’s happened over the last couple of years. I feel a bit sad this week, as dad has to have his fluid given to him now as “custard” consistency, which means we …

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