Ooh Stats!

Diabetes chart legend

Today marks a month since I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic. Generally speaking, I’m pretty pleased with my progress on the glucose front. From a starting point of 24.8mmol/L I’m down to bouncing between 4.5mmol/L and 7mmol/L right now. The chart is a bit tiny. Sorry! My eyesight is still up the wazoo, but my …

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Four eyes? More like Eighteen….

different choices of eyeglasses

As if having diabetes wasn’t enough of a kick in the teeth, I now have to contend with my eyesight being different from one day to the next..It’s not unusual for diabetics to have blurred vision, but I wasn’t prepared for the complete 360 my sight has done. I’ve been short sighted since I was …

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Carbs, schmarbs

sliced bread on gray surface

I’ve been in a right funk today. Feeling tired and sorry for myself. However, I did download a diet tracker, although it counts calories not carbs. Carb counters seem to be a bit thin on the ground app-wise, or they’re too US Centric. The app has decided I need to hit 1600 calories a day, …

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Racking up the chronics

food healthy woman hand

I was diagnosed with diabetes four days ago. I’ll be honest, I’m a chubby, so I don’t expect any sympathy.. but two years ago I was ‘metabolically healthy’. I had good to low blood pressure, average cholesteral and average blood sugar. So what went wrong? Well weight is obviously a factor, but I wonder how …

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What are the odds?

close up of wedding rings on floor

About two plus years ago, I lost my wedding ring. It wasn’t a particularly expensive or fancy ring, but I loved it. It was titanium ( I loathe gold) and just the right size and weight for my hand. My husband, who I’d been with for over 16 years before we even go married, put …

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Syrup, Custard or Pudding?

two clear glass jars beside several flasks

This tumblr is most likely going to work in reverse.. starting with recent events and trying to make some sense out the shit that’s happened over the last couple of years. I feel a bit sad this week, as dad has to have his fluid given to him now as “custard” consistency, which means we …

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