Makin’ Biscuits

So… I’ve been pondering making my own dog biscuits for a while. I dehydrate liver and chicken treats for Miah already, and she loves them. But when we walk I prefer to use biscuits. Let’s face it…  dehydrated chopped liver is not something you want hanging around in your pockets.

I found a nice simple recipe online, but switched out the wheat flour for oats. I’m not sure if you can buy oat flour, but as I had a load of porridge oats in the cupboard from the last batch of liver cake, I decided to mill those into a rough flour for the biscuits. And it seems to have worked.

Miah seems to approve.



Semi-live tweeting my efforts…



Run, Miah, Run

Run, Miah, Run

Image © Lorraine Fitzgerald

I love seeing photos of Miah running. A whippet in full extension is a wonderful thing to behold. I can’t honestly say that I enjoy watching her racing, as I always stand at the end of the track feeling sick; worried that she might get injured. But once the day is over and we get a chance to see any photos of the racing, there’s no denying the delight at seeing a whippet doing what it loves the most.

The last two weeks have seen Miah running in two open events – The Easter Charity Open and the NPWRA (National Pedigree Whippet Racing Association) championships; both held at her current home club at Andover. She’s really come on this year, running against some top class dogs and having to fight every inch of the way up the track. She won her heat and semi and made it to the final at the open, and came 2nd in her heat and semi to make it to the final at the champs.

I’ve been meaning to post about my feelings about whippet racing in general, but this is not the place to do that. I just wanted to put down how absurdly proud of her I am. But then I always have been. This Sunday it’s the Whippet Club Racing Association Championships, and it’ll be interesting to see how she does there. So far she has made the final almost every time, but not been placed higher than third so far.

whippet race

Image copyright Lorraine Fitzgerald

You can read more about whippet racing on the WCRA section of the Whippet Club website. I will be posting my thoughts on it sometime in the future.

Whippet sleeping

aaaaanndddd….. relax

Time Flies….

Sleepy whippet

It almost seems impossible but little Miah is 17 months old next week. She wasn’t the easiest puppy in the beginning, but she’s grown into a gorgeous girl and we don’t regret having her for a single minute.

She free runs with other dogs, can be trusted around adults and children alike. She travels in the car without a grumble and even stays in hotel rooms without incident.

Love her to bits. heart

Whippet reclining


Happy Birthday Dear Miah….

…happy birthday to you!

I didn’t sing it, so I don’t need to pay a royalty do I?

Miah was a year old yesterday. I can’t quite believe it, she’s not a puppy any more! Although she was a … challenge… as a puppy. She’s grown into a beautiful girl, with boundless enthusiasm and loves both of us unconditionally. I couldn’t wish for a lovelier whippet.

Miah through the months..

In honour of those that have come before her, she’s going to carry the racing name Tinkers Moondancer.

Whippet racing passport - WCRA

Take it away, Van …!

Not a follow-up

This isn’t a follow up to my previous post as I’m too emotionally drained to get it down in writing right now. One day I will sit down and shuffle all of this into something resembling a well thought out series of posts. I’m not at that point yet.

So here’s some photos of Miah, who is now nine months old and growing into quite the little lady! smile

Whippet reclining

Miah Photo 1

Miah Photo 2

Miah Photo 3

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